Deutsche Bank AG Hungarian Branch Office
Deutsche Bank AG Hungarian Branch Office
Established: 1995
Address: 1054 Budapest, Hold. u. 27
Telephone: +36-1-301-3700
Pintér Zsolt vezérigazgató
The Bank's ownership structure:
Owner Registered capital
Domestic ownership
Foreign ownership 100% Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt


Deutsche Bank AG opened its representative office in Hungary in 1990. Deutsche Bank Rt. was founded in September 1995 and received its license from the former State Banking Supervision under Resolution No. 30/1996 on February 12, 1996. The bank has been authorized to perform comprehensive commercial banking activities in forint and foreign exchange since October 1996, serving customers from its Budapest office. The bank has been authorized to perform universal banking activities and has held a primary dealer's mandate since 1999. In 2011 the subsidiary fully transformed into a branch of Deutsche Bank AG. Its main strategy is to provide highly sophisticated financial solutions to large and selected medium-sized companies and financial institutions.

The main activities , major-products and services of the bank are as follows:

- Account-keeping and the management of foreign-trade-related payments in forint and foreign currency;

- Electronic banking services, cash management, cash pooling;

- Overdraft; provision of medium- and long-term finance in forint and foreign currency;

- Participation in the preferential loan schemes of Hungary, Germany and the European Union;

- Provision of bank guarantees;

- Spot foreign-exchange transactions, interest and foreign-exchange risk management;

- Fixed deposits in forint and foreign currency;

- Sale and purchase of government securities;

- Documentary transactions and export financing;

- Custody services;

- Trading in corporate bonds and government securities;

- Investment banking activities.