Who are we?

BankszövetségThe Hungarian Banking Association is the professional advocacy association of the Hungarian banking sector, coordinating and representing the views of the banking community. The Association establishes committees and working groups involving professionals from member banks to develop common positions.

The Association's activities include

  • representing the banking sector's interests,
  • technical consultations
  • participating in the drafting of legislation
  • cooperating with fellow professional associations and NGOs
  • operating technical committees and working groups
  • operating an Ethics Committee
  • coordination and technical consultations during the drafting of government decisions
  • participating in the decision-making processes of the European Banking Federation (EBF)
  • implementing the EBF's positions
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OECD Secretary General Mathias Cormann has welcomed the Hungarian PÉNZ7 in a video message, highlighting Hungary's commitment to developing financial awareness and knowledge among young people.The 10th PÉNZ7 kicked off on 4 March 2024, with thousands of schools across the country hosting a week of unconventional lessons supported by expert volunteers. This school year, the focus is on "Financial Life Lessons" in finance and "Think and Do" in entrepreneurship. More than 200,000 students in 1,2...
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Budapest, November 15, 2023 – The first year of the CyberShield program, which enhances digital security, has been realized through unprecedented collaboration. The experiences of the cooperation were summarized at a conference, and the continuation of the CyberShield program was announced. Fake bank calls, deceptive online commercial offers, caller ID spoofing, callback phone scams (wangiri), phishing emails – these are just a few of the deceptive actions we encounter every day in the digita...
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Lászlóné Béke, President and CEO of Polgári Bank, departed this life on 27 October 2023, following a long illness. She was a renowned financial leader in the town of Polgár, who contributed to and, in her role as a banker, ensured the economic development of the entire region over a period of five decades. In reflection of her strong contribution, she was asked to participate in the management of the savings co-operative sector in a number of different capacities, at national level. She was one ...
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