MKB Bank
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H-1056 Budapest Váci u. 38
Sebők András
The Bank's ownership structure:
OwnerJegyzett tőke
Hazai tulajdon--
Külföldi tulajdonBayerische Landesbank, München95,23%


As one of the oldest in the Hungarian banking system, MKB Bank started its operation in 1950. During the Bank Reform in 1987, when the two-tier banking system was created, MKB Bank got a full-scale commercial banking license. New lines of business have successfully been developed since. With its significant market shares in its business segments, MKB Bank is one of the leaders in the domestic banking sector. The Bank’s focus is on domestic blue chips, large corporates, affiliates of multinationals, SMEs, affluent private individuals, Private banking clients and small enterprises targeting them with its financial products and services in 80 (2012 H1) high-quality branches and through a full range of electronic channels. Above all, MKB Group’s members are major players in their segments such as complex vehicle financing and fleet management, car trade and insurance (MKB-Euroleasing Group from 2001) and in the self-care driven, pension and health-care type savings and recreation services (MKB Private Pension Fund and Health Care Fund). Uniquely in Hungary, MKB Group is able to provide one-stop shop insurance products in its branches through its own insurance company since 2007. The foreign subsidiaries are the Bulgarian MKB Unionbank with retail profile, while the Romanian subsidiary, Nextebank is in a sale process.

The new mid-term strategic target of MKB Bank is to reach a balanced profitability, to provide a sufficient return on investment for the owner, and to become a sustainable, viable player on its own.


The MKB Bank is one of the leading market player in the corporate market with 12.6% market share in corporate lending (in factoring No 1 with 25.3%) and 9.9% in corporate deposits. In 2011 the number of corporate account keeping customers exceeded 53,000. Although MKB Bank has traditionally the strongest position in the large corporates’ segment, the number of SMEs, the sources of the mid-term growth, is growing dynamically. The Bank offers comprehensive and tailored services for these clients. Products and services: account and cash management; market-priced, subsidized and refinanced loans; bank guarantees and documentary operations; treasury, investment and other services.

In the small enterprises business line the focus is still on quality growth, primary banking relationship, account keeping, savings account and payment products. MKB Bank carries out its lending activities gradually and selectively by a range of state guaranteed and refinanced products, basically. Products and services: small business specific account packages and loan products, Széchenyi Card and investment loans, electronic banking services, cash services.

In the private individuals business line MKB Bank has a business model offering differentiated value proposition and services level (personal consultants) to each customer segments :“Personally for you”. The number of private individual customers is 361 thousand. Market share in household savings is 6.3%, in household loans is 6.2% due to mortgage lending activity. Products and services: full range of loan products and bank cards (MKB and strategic partners), account packages, full range of savings and investment products, electronic banking services, funds, vehicle finance, insurance.

The number of Private Banking customers was 1,714 by the end of 2011 and the assets managed reached HUF 240 billion, which makes MKB Bank as an outstanding player in the Hungarian private banking market.   Products and services: full range of financial services, portfolio management, investment consulting, financial planning, account management.

MKB Bank supports its corporate, retail, PB, small business and institutional clients with a full range of money and capital market products and investment services. In several segments such as FX trade, trade of government securities, financial institutions’ bond issues, custody and asset management  the Bank is one of the dominant players. Products and services: corporate treasury and risk management products, MKB investment funds, MKB bonds, asset and portfolio management, custody.