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Launched in 1950, MKB Bank is one of the oldest members of the Hungarian banking system. When a two-tier banking system was created in Hungary in 1987, it was fully authorised to operate as a commercial bank, whereupon it introduced and developed new operations and became one of the leading banks of its sector, with strong positions in its respective divisions. MKB Bank tailors its financial products and services to suit the needs of the largest domestic and multinational enterprises, promising, high quality medium-sized enterprises, institutional clients, the medium and high end retail customer segments, along with small enterprises. In the first half of 2015 the Bank’s products and services were accessible through a total of 77 state-of-the-art branch offices as well as all of the available electronic channels. Moreover, the various members of MKB Group hold dominant positions in their respective segments of complex motor financing, management, trade and insurance (the MKB-Euroleasing Group since 2001), along with self-provision, pension and health fund as well as welfare services (MKB Funds, SZÉP Card). Through its strategic agreement with MKB Insurers the Banking Group is capable of providing its customers with insurance products through a single point of contact.

One of Hungary’s dominant universal banks, MKB creates lasting value for its customers: by its lending activities it contributes to the accomplishment of the goals of people and businesses, thereby driving the performance of the economy as a whole. 65 years after its establishment MKB provides high standard services with the help of its highly qualified, professional employees and cutting edge, innovative 21st century technologies and techniques. With its sustainable business model, manageable risk provisioning and profitable operation MKB lays particular emphasis on fair banking values and the quality of customer relationships.


By virtue of its combined value offering comprising product range, quality of service and customer relationship management, MKB is a dominant corporate service provider in the domestic banking system, continuing to afford priority treatment and support for already successful or high growth potential enterprises, regardless of size. The Bank provides bespoke services and product portfolios for its large enterprise customers, furnishing them with advanced, high standard sector, market and macroeconomic analyses. For medium-sized enterprises it supplements its financing activities with technical/professional support, helping its customers as a consultant and advisor for business development, along with the services rendered by its knowledge centre.

In lending to non-financial enterprise customers the Bank had a 12.2 % market share at the end of 2015 H1, along with a 10.0% % in factoring and 8.9% in terms of its deposit portfolio, providing more than 53,000 customers with account management services.

Products and services: a complex choice of account and cash management services, conventional loans and facilities with support, bank guarantees and documentary transactions, treasury, securities and other products.

The small enterprise division focuses on quality growth, primary banking relationships, account keeping and the sale of savings and cash transaction products. Lending activities are being boosted from a low basis – with manageable risk taking – primarily through products with state guarantees and refinancing.

Products and services: account keeping service packages, credit and loan products (Széchenyi Credit Programme, Funding for Growth Programme, overdraft facilities), and cash services, designed to meet the needs of small businesses.

MKB strives to develop and maintain customer relationships functioning as true partnerships in the retail business. The Bank is operating a business model based on value proposals and service provision differentiated by customer segment. Its services are available through a wide range of continuously developing electronic channels of quality confirmed by feedback from the market as well, such as a contact centre that was the best in its category for several years and the customer friendly MKB NetBANKár service. MKB has approximately 196,000 customers using the Bank’s account keeping services. In terms of savings (deposits + bonds + investment funds) MKB Bank has a market share of 5.2%, while in lending – thanks to its mortgage lending activities – is 7.1%.

Products and services: a complete range of loan products and all kinds of bank cards, account packages, comprehensive savings and investment product range, funds, motor financing and insurance products.

As of 30 June 2015 the number of our private banking customers exceeded 1900, while the total amount managed by the Bank exceeded HUF 313 billion making MKB one of the most prominent participants of the Hungarian private banking market. Private banking services continue to comprise comprehensive financial service provision, portfolio management, investment consultancy, financial planning and account keeping, including an extensive range of investment products (such as securities and complex investment services) tailored to individual needs, provided through personal advisors.

MKB leverages its corporate, retail and private banking as well as small enterprise and institutional clients by providing them with comprehensive money and capital market as well as investment services. In a number of segments, such as for example foreign exchange trade, the distribution of securities, credit institutional bond issues, deposit and asset management, MKB Bank is one of the dominant participants of the market, with a strategic focus on organising bond and share issues for corporate customers.

Products and services: corporate and retail investment facilities, risk management products, investment funds, bonds, asset and portfolio management and deposit management.