Who are we?

BankszövetségThe Hungarian Banking Association is the professional advocacy association of the Hungarian banking sector, coordinating and representing the views of the banking community. The Association establishes committees and working groups involving professionals from member banks to develop common positions.

The Association's activities include

  • representing the banking sector's interests,
  • technical consultations
  • participating in the drafting of legislation
  • cooperating with fellow professional associations and NGOs
  • operating technical committees and working groups
  • operating an Ethics Committee
  • coordination and technical consultations during the drafting of government decisions
  • participating in the decision-making processes of the European Banking Federation (EBF)
  • implementing the EBF's positions
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Hungarian Banking Association
May 22nd 2020
Minister of Finance Mihály Varga welcomed the participants of the General Meeting of the Hungarian Banking Association through a video message. The General Meeting was held on May 22, 202 and new officers were elected. 
Minister Mihály Varga emphasized that the Hungarian banking sector developed at a good pace before the health crisis; for financial institutions, 2019 was one of the best performing years of the decade. In his words: thanks to this, the Hungarian banking sector managed to continue operating smoothly even during the emergency and banks were able to respond immediately to and in support of the introduction of the loan moratorium and the raising of the limit of contactless payments. The Minister emphasized that these past times have proved that they can d...

Miklós Pulai, former secretary general of the Hungarian Banking Association, who was an iconic character of the Hungarian banking history passed away at the age of 94. It is with deep sadness, the Hungarian banking community and the Hungarian Banking Association bid farwell to Mikós Pulai.

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Zsigmond Gábor Erdély, the second president of the Hungarian Banking Association passed away on 15 April 2020. He was a respected member of the Hungarian baking community and his professional career was always linked the the banking sector. As he was one of the founders of the Hungarian Banking Association, we will always remember him and his lifework.

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The leaders of the banking system feel duty to pay attention to the colleagues and customers in those situations when we face unprecedented challenges. Upon the request of the Hungarian Banking Association, Professor Emőke Bagdy has made an advice titled How to Adjust to the Challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic. The advice is accessible on the homepage of the Hungarian Banking Association (How to Adjust to the Challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic), and the audio files can be downloaded from the digital channel of Professor Bagdy (https://soundcloud.com/bagdyemoke/). Only Hungarian.

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The Hungarian banking sector has to fulfil its commitments on four fronts. First of all, we ensure that the payments systems operate steadily and safely. Secondly, we ensure that our customers and colleagues stay safe and we take every reasonable measure. Thirdly, we support lending in the hope of ensuring the functioning economy and financial services. Finally, we show solidarity with the entire society.

Finally we have to say thanks to the customers who have managed to adjust to the situation. Also we have to say thanks to our colleagues in the bank branches who make this adjustment possible.

Take care of yourselves!

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Banking services are lifeblood in case of emergency as well. Today there are 1,956 bank branches and 95 per cent of them are open. There are around 5,000 ATMs in the country and 147,000 POS terminal is in use for credit/debit card payments. Until 15 April the contactless payment limit increases to 15,000 HUF. These numbers and measures taken ensure that the Hungarian financial services are fully sustainable amid the Coronavirus pandemic as well.

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